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Canning Snap Beans, Quart Jars

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Snap beans are easy to can. We recommend blanching them for exactly 3 minutes before canning to help retain their color. When canning you may cut them into 1" pieces after blanching or place tightly pack them vertically into the jar as long as they don't extend beyond the headspace. Also see canning snap beans in pint jars.


1 Quart

6 Quarts

7 Quarts 8 Quarts 9 Quarts 10 Quarts 11 Quarts 12 Quarts
Snap Beans

2 lb.

12 lbs.

14 lbs.

16 lbs.

18 lbs.

20 lbs.

22 lbs.

24 lbs.

Bottled Lemon Juice 2 tablespoons per quart (optional for colorfastness)
Canning Salt (Optional) 1 teaspoon per quart
Boiling water About 1-1/2 cups per quart

Yields will vary slightly.

  1. Use only perfect Snap beans.
  2. Wash and snap beans.
  3. Wash again.
  4. If desired for colorfastness, blanch exactly 3 minutes and plunge into cold water.
  5. Add optional lemon juice and salt to each canning jar.
  6. Can Snap beans using raw pack method with 1" headspace and then add boiling water, maintaining 1" headspace.
  7. Process using a pressure canner for 30 minutes for quart jars at 11 pounds for a dial gauge or 10 pounds for a weighted gauge.
  8. For elevations above 1,000 foot level see Altitude Time Adjustments.
  9. After processing, place the jars on a towel, separated by 1" to cool.
  10. Labeling and Storing

Equipment Needed:

These instructions are adapted from the United States Department of Agriculture's Complete Guide to Home Canning.

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